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The Male Tent and Trailer Campers

• • • •  Gay Male Camping  • • • •

The Male Tent and Trailer Campers (MTTC) is a group of gay men who enjoy the outdoors and the companionship of other gay men with similar interests. We camp together about 7 times a year in state and private parks or recreation areas in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, and Ohio. We enjoy the community of each other in an atmosphere where we feel comfortable with each other.

The age of our members ranges from 21 into the 90's. Some have partners and some are single. Many have pets which they bring along. A few have pop-ups, some have campers, some even have tents. We typically have 15-25 members at each outing. Some members go to all outings, some pick and choose those which fit their schedule.

Membership is free. Communication is done online or with a liaison for those who prefer not to use the Internet. Usually we have a chili cookoff during the October outing. Sometimes we go to Cedar Point. Once we had a croquet tournament through a field of weeds 7 feet tall and then through the woods. Most all include a pot luck with a theme, like Ethnic dinner night. Campouts usually have a huge bonfire where members enjoy sitting around swapping stories, jokes, adventures, stories of coming out, traditional weeny roasting, or just sitting around quietly and watching the shooting stars.

Anyway, we always welcome new members or questions about our organization.

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